Which Curtain Price Point Should You Choose?

Whether you’re in the market for new curtains or just need a refresh, there are plenty of options at every price point. But which ones should you choose?


Curtains are a major purchase, so it’s important to do your research and find the best option for you. Luckily, we’ve rounded up the best places to buy curtains online.

Aluminum curtain rods

Adding window treatments to your home can give the room a new look. From bold stripes to barely-there textures in whisper-soft colors, curtains frame the view and enhance your living space. The best window treatments can make a room feel cozy, breezy or private.

Choosing the right curtain rod is a crucial part of the process. A rod that doesn’t fit the window properly can create a less than desirable visual effect, and it may also damage your curtains.

There are many different types of rods available, from traditional wood rods to wrought iron. You should also consider the style of your drapes when selecting a rod.

For example, if you’re using heavy fabrics or want to add a lot of detail to your drapes, you’ll need a more sturdy curtain rod. In contrast, if you’re using lighter curtains or want to keep them simple, a thinner rod will work fine.

If you’re considering a more contemporary look, a stainless steel curtain rod might be the way to go. It will complement other modern decor and is easier to clean.

However, if you’re looking for a more traditional rod that will blend in with your furniture and other elements of the room, black metal with round finials might be the perfect option.

In addition, you can also consider using curtain wires instead of a rod for a more minimalist look. These come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they can be installed along walls or over a door.

You can easily find these wires at The Home Depot, where you’ll also find a wide selection of curtain rods to help you dress your windows in style.

Once you’ve decided what kind of rod to use, you should measure the width of your window opening. Then, you can determine how long the rod should be.

If the window is larger than 36 inches, you’ll need to install a central support bracket at the center of the opening. This will allow you to easily install the rod and avoid hitting the wall.

The diameter of the curtain rod is another important factor to consider. This will determine whether you need a telescopic rod or a fixed one. A telescopic rod can be extended to a length of up to 84 inches, while a fixed rod is only available in a single length.

Plastic curtain rods

A curtain rod can make or break your curtains, and a good one can help you get the most out of the window treatments you choose. There are many different styles of rods available, so choosing the right one for your home can be a tricky task.

Some of the most popular types of curtain rods include metal and plastic. These options are available in a variety of colors and designs, and they can be used with a range of drapery fabrics.

The material your rod is made from can affect the price of the curtains you hang on it. A rod that is made of aluminum, steel or another type of metal is generally more durable and will withstand the weight of heavy curtains better. On the other hand, a rod that is made of plastic may be more affordable and easier to clean.

There are also a number of other materials that can be used for curtain rods, including wood and bamboo. These can add a natural element to your home and complement rustic decor, giving the room a more comfortable feeling.

Another option for a curtain rod is a traverse rod, which can be both decorative and concealed. These feature clips that slide along a hidden track to allow you to adjust your drapes easily.

These rods can be a little more expensive than a standard rod, but they are also a great option for those looking for more control over their curtains. They are often used in hotel rooms, and they can also be used in any home that wants a more convenient way to open and close their curtains.

A single curtain rod can run from $5 to $300, depending on the style and size of the rod. Some of these rods are designed to fit into wall sconces or other types of decorative holders, which can increase the price of the entire curtain rod package.

You can find curtain rods in a wide array of prices, from inexpensive big-box store products to high-end specialty products made by companies that cater to interior designers and architects. You can also find a variety of different designs and styles, from simple straight poles to more complex curved and hinged poles.

Steel curtain rods

There are several different types of curtain rods available, each offering unique advantages and aesthetic appeal. Some are designed to hang big, heavy drapes, while others are less expensive and simpler to use. They can also be mounted in a variety of ways, such as double, wrapped or decorative.

Some of these options require brackets or sconces to attach to the wall or ceiling, so you should plan accordingly before buying one. Brackets are typically the simplest and most affordable of these options, but you can go for a more dramatic look with a sconce, which can be made out of metal or wood.

Regardless of the type of curtain rod you decide on, make sure it fits the window properly and is not too small. A rod that is too small will not be able to support the weight of your curtains, which can cause them to droop or fall off the rod.

You should also consider the material your curtains are made of and the room decor you’re working with when deciding on a style of rod. For instance, a wooden rod can work well in a room with lots of wooden furniture, while a brass or brushed stainless steel rod is better for rooms that feature modern or glass-heavy furnishings.

Another important consideration is the color of your curtains. Dark curtains block light, so you should choose a lighter shade. White, silver or brushed stainless rods complement light-coloured or richly tinted curtains.

The diameter of your curtain rod should be about six inches to a foot bigger than the window frame on either side. This allows you to adjust your curtain length if needed.

Some types of curtain rods come with decorative finials at the end. These knobs or end caps add an extra touch of style to your windows, and they can be a great way to match your curtains with the rest of your room decor.

If you’re looking for a simple yet stylish and functional curtain rod, Target’s Project 62 is an inexpensive option that Dani Mulhearn at Havenly calls “simple and timeless.” It’s made of steel and comes in four finishes — matte black, brass, bronze and silver. It also includes matching hanging hardware and simple cylindrical finials.

Voile curtains

If you are in the market for curtains, you may want to check out voile curtain panels. These are a type of curtain that is popular for its ability to filter the sunlight, while still giving the room a stylish look.

This type of window treatment is available in many different styles and patterns. You can also choose between a variety of fabrics, including cotton and silk.

The cost of a set of voile curtains depends on several factors, including the fabric and size of the panel. In addition, the price will be affected by how it is made.

A lot of people prefer to use sheer curtains because they give the room a classy look without blocking too much light. This makes them ideal for rooms with large windows or glass walls.

Sheer curtains are also a good choice for letting in natural light, which can help the room feel brighter and more airy. However, these curtains can be hard to clean, so it is important to find ones that are made from high-quality materials.

You can choose from a wide range of designs for your voile curtains, including pinch pleats and wave headers. The former is a classic and elegant style, pinched at the top to create full, distinctive pleats that form a gathered look farther down the panels. The latter is a modern, sleek style that is popular at the moment.

Tiebacks are a useful way to add style and decor to your curtains. They can be placed high to make the window appear larger, or lower for a more formal look. Placing tiebacks on the side of the window is a great option because it allows them to blend in seamlessly with the curtain.

A pair of voile curtains can cost anywhere from $20 to $75 if you choose a ready-made curtain or $30 to $150 per window when you have them custom-made. You can also get them in a variety of colors and materials, so you can find the right one for your home. In addition, voile curtains can be layered with opaque or blackout curtains for an added layer of privacy.